Henning Christiansen



Nam June Paik


Skandinavisk turné Nam June Paik/Charlotte Moorman.


at least once each day..

Copenhagen 15/7-65

dear Paik. . . .

we have to think in a new way - it is not possible to get enough
money for you and charlotte to tourné in september so we have
to take a new viewpoint how about january-february? The
reason: Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen have a very
expensive concert with Yvonne Rainer and Bob Morris
in September and the reaction has to much power,
but in January the case is better for us.
Stockholm is very interested in this
arrangement, no doubt, and I think
we can get you and charlotte in
T V here in Denmark in Janu-
ary, a TV-man, Niels Carl
Nielsen is very inter-
ested in you, he was
so sorry when he
could not get
you through
in septet

LBJ forecasts
Vietnam war
will get worse
he is a snake
where is Goldwater
evrywhere is Goldwater
get out of NATO you stupid dane

we need
is looo $
at least and
it should he pos
sible if we can get
TV - is it possible for
you to work in radio, for
me to see most of what you
are doing is a lot visuel, but
maybe you have another side – tell
me ? I will go to Paris now and meet
Filliou and emmeth ( ample food for stupid
thought ) down through germany: Ich ehre affe
to france xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx j'aime de gaulle - - - -
idealen, ein führe , xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
go on a knife is a knife a bomb is a bomb
a man is a man a woman is a woman a scream is a scream.
for myself and for DUT and to you from Henning Christiansen and the





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