Henning Christiansen



Videresendt brev af en hollandsk blokfløjtespiller (kopi)/partitur af "Det er forår" op. 56 til sluteksamen



R.J. Wagner,
Postjesweg 351" ",
Amsterdam- 1017.

Amsterdam,1st August 1974

Dear Sirs,
I must apologize for writing my letter in English, because I am not master of the Danish language.
The reason of my writing to you is as follows. In 1972, I was in Bruges (Belgium), where I spent a week as an auditor during the International Recorder Week in the Flanders Festival. One of the participants, a Danish girl, by the name of Miss Michala Petri Sambleben, performed a composition written by a Danish temporarely composer, called Hans Christiansen. The composition was called “Es ist Frühling” Op. 56, and written for Sopranino- Recorder and Harpsichord.
As I am a recorderplayer myself, I am studying recorder at the “Muzieklyceum” here in Amsterdam, where Kees Otten is my teacher.
I was fascinated by this composition. Since that time I have been trying over and over to get a copy of this composition, because I want to perform this piece on my final examination in February 1975.
However, it seems that the piece has not been published, so not available, and therefore I took up contact with the Royal Danish Embassy in The Hague for more information. The cultural department, represented by a certain Mrs. E. Hennemann, was so kind to give me your address, so that I now have the possibility of writing to you.
Now my question to you is as follows:
Have you got any idea on which way I could be able to obtain a copy of this work?
If the work is not published, perhaps there is a possibility of writing to the composer directly, in fact Mr. Hans Christiansen.
In that case, if possible, I would like you very much to give me his address, so that I will have the opportunity of opening correspondence with Mr. Christiansen.
I really do hope, that my letter causes not too much inconvenience to you, and that there is a chance of helping me.

Dear Sirs, again I should apologize for the trouble I caused you with all my questions, and I do sincere hope, that I may look forwardly to a positive answer of yours.

Thanking you again for your trouble,
Yours sincerely,

R.J. Wagner.

TO: Dansk Komponistforening
Kronprinsessegade 26, 1. sal
DK 1306 Kopenhagen K
FROM: R. J. Wagner
Postjesweg 351" "
Amsterdam - (O.V.)- 1017

[stempel:] 5 AUG. 1974





Dansk Komponistforening
Kronprinsessegade 26, 1. sal
DK 1306 Kopenhagen K

Op. 56, Det er forår

HC arkiv Møn/HC breve 42