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Richard Demarco Gallery


Richard Demarco Gallery January 1971


The Richard Demarco Gallery
8 Melville Crescent Edinburgh EH3 7NB


Friday 1 Jan.
Happy New Year


Sunday 3 Jan.
Private view Paul Neagu/Horia Bernea at Sigi krauss Gallery, 29 Neal St., Covent Gdn., London WC2 12-8 PM





Friday 8 Jan. 8 PM.
R. Demarco talks to Loanhead Art Group at Loanhead Art Centre.

Sat. 9 Jan. 11 AM-5.30 PM
Private view Demarco Gallery Craig-Martin, Bryce, Mora. 7.30 PM Usher Hall premiere Demarco/McConnell film “Walkabout Edinburgh”.

Sunday 10 Jan. 6.35 PM
STV “No Easy Answr” Richard Demarco talks with Colin Morris and Gordon Bridger.

Monday 11 Jan. 10.35 AM
STV repeat of “No Easy Answer”

Tuesday 12 Jan. 8 PM
Film show in gallery. 3 Orkney films by Margaret Tait with “Hugh McDiarmid: A Portrait”. Seats 85.

Wednesday 13 Jan.
One month ago Franz Dahlem, German art dealer and patron of many Düsseldorf artists, visited the Demarco Gallery.





Monday 18 Jan. Keith Critchlow’s ”Order in Space” exhibition opens at Strathclyde University, Glasgow. Until 29 Jan.



Thursday 21 Jan. 7.30 PM
R. Demarco talks to Saltire Society, Laurieston Ho., 55 Carlton Pl., Glasgow CI.

Friday 22 Jan.
Jon Schueler two day exhibition opens in the town hall, Mallaig.








Saturday 30 Jan.
Last day of January exhibition at Demarco Gallery & Sigi Krauss Gallery.


Take note for February – further details from the gallery 031-225 1050

Thursday 4 Feb. midday to 9 PM – preview of Richard Demarco new paintings and drawings at the Zaydler Gallery, 33c Harrington Rd., London SW7
Thursday 11 Feb. Paul Neagu/Horia Bernea exhibition opens at Compass Gallery, W Regent St. Glasgow. 5.30-9.30 PM
February exhibition at the gallery. New paintings by Jon Schueler.

Gordon Bryce
Born Edinburgh 1943. Edinburgh College of Art. Travelling Scholarship in Spain. Now Lecturer in Printmaking, Greys School of Art, Aberdeen.

The Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh Jan 1970
Group Shows 1964-70 Laing Gallery, Newcastle; Commonwealth Festival, Glasgow; Printmakers Workshop; Scottish Academy; Society of Scottish Artists; Painting ’70 Aberdeen Art Gallery; 20 x 57; Demarco Gallery; Contemporary Scottish Graphics; Pernod Young Artists, London; Arts Council.
One-Man Shows New 57 Gallery 1966, 68. Absalom Gallery, Bath Festival 1968.
Awards include The Keith Award, Chalmers Award, 1st Prize Pernod Award, Scottish Arts Council Bursary, Latimer Award, Abroath Award 1970.
Public Collections include Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Scottish Arts Council, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Watson Trust, Sussex University.

Michael Craig-Martin

‘… Bars, strings and the kind of lumps of lead which are attached to plumb lines, or used for closing doors are used as the basic elements of compositional counterpoint with the cool efficiency of a latter-day Poussin…’
Art International Dec. ‘70

The Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh Jan 70
in collaboration with The Rowan Gallery

4 lb. lead weight
actual size

Philip Mora
Inhibition of Paintings

The Richard Demarco Gallery Edinburgh Jan 70

Born Paris 1949
One man Inhibitions
1967 Argus Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
1968 ‘Anti-Social Realism and Into Childhood’, Clytie Jessop Gallery
1969 ‘Vomart’, Clytie Jessop Gallery
1970 ‘Forgeries’, Clytie Jessop Gallery
Other Inhibitions
Narrative Painting in Britain 2th Century
Camden Arts Centre 1970
Crucifixion Exhibition
Sigi Krauss Gallery 1970
1969-70 directs the underground B-film “Trouble in Molopolis’.

“The paintings of the young Australian Philippe Mora… create the opposite atmosphere to Hockney’s. They suggest networks of Fear, Threat and Violence. Yet it is not possible to compare them, because Mora uses an apparently dry and cool, economical graphic style rather than the florid impressionism one might expect… Where Hockney avoids any kind of moral judgement, Mora’s paitnings are thoroughly moralistic… He has an effective way of re-interpreting borrowed imagery… with his thin bleak line and his grasp of grotesque imagery. Mora does create a strong atmosphere”. Guy Brett – Art Critic – the Times 10th November, 1970.

Paul Neagu
Horia Bernea

The Sigi Krauss Gallery London Jan 70
In collaboration with The Richard Demarco Gallery

Horia Berna Born Bucharest 14 September 1938
studied architecture, physics and then painting

I need an entirely new media, a new unprejudiced language. I think that it is more important to consider the state of mind required to create an object and the means to achieve it than to make the completed object. Art involves the solution of a spiritual problem, personal to the artist, it has little to do with the perfecting of a craft. Horia Bernea, Edinburgh, 1970

Paul Neagu 1938 born Bucharest, Rumania. 1955 studied technical drawing. 1957-59 worked as a draughtsman and topographer. 1959-64 studied Bucharest Institute of Fine Art – painting section.

These Objects are somewhat difficult to explain in an intellectual manner. You would need to touch them to understand them. They are abstract ideas translated into concrete forms. Outside of the Demarco Gallery is a public square called Melville Crescent. In this it was planned to build an enormous balloon-shaped piece of bread composed of one hundred and fifty slices, made out of wood and canvas. If this project had been built, it would have seemed an ostentatious thing. To many it was like a giant-sized grenade in the centre of the city, ready to explode from any of its one hundred and fifty stomachs. The symbol of this bread has remained as a ‘monstrous’ project. It was described as such by one of the Town Councillors of the city.
Paul Neagu Paris 1970





The Richard Demarco Gallery
8 Melville Crescent
Edinburgh EH3 7NB

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