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Publikationsaftalen for artiklen "The Reality is a Ghost in my Mind", Leonardo Music Journal, no. 8, 1998.


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Publication Agreement

Agreement: We are pleased to have the privilege of publishing your Article in a forthcoming issue of Leonardo, By your signature below, you hereby grant all your right, title, and interest including copyright for the text, layout, and image placement of the Article, to The International Society for the Arts Sciences and Technology (ISAST).

Rights Reserved by Author; You hereby retain and reserve for yourself a non-exelusivc license: 1.) to photocopy the Article for use in your own teaching activities as long as the article is not offered for sale, and 2.) to publish the Article, or permit it to be published, as a part of any book you may write, or in any anthology of which you are an editor, in which the Article is included or which expands or elaborates on the Article, unless the anthology is drawn primarily from Leonardo. As a condition of reserving this right, you agree that MIT Press and Leonardo will be given first publication credit, and proper copyright notice will be displayed on the work (both on the work as a whole and, where applicable, on the Article as well) whenever such publication occurs.

Rigths of Leonardo and MIT Press: This agreement means that Leonardo and MIT Press, Leonardo's publisher, acting in consultation with Leonardo will have the following exclusive rights among others: 1.) to license abstracts, quotations, extracts, reprints, and/or translations of the work or publication 2.) to license reprints of the Article to third persons for educational photocopying 3.) to license others to create abstracts of the Article 4.) to license secondary publishers to reproduce the Article in print, microform, or any computer readable form including electronic on-line databases. This also includes licensing the Article for document delivery.

Warranties: You warrant that the Article's text has not been published before in any form, that you have made no license or other transfer to anyone with respect to your copyright in it, that you are its sole author (s), and generally that you have the right to make the grants you make to us. Any exceptions are to be noted below. You also warrant that the Article does not libel anyone, invade anyone's privacy, infringe anyone’s copyright, or otherw ise violate any statutory or common law right of anyone. You agree to indemnify us against any claim or action alleging facts which, if true, constitute a breach of any of the foregoing warranties.

Concerning U.S./U.K. Government Employees: Some of the foregoing grants and warranties will not apply if the Article was written by U.S./U.K. Government employees acting within the scope of their employment. U.S./U.K. government employees may reserve the right to reproduce the Article »or U.S./U.K. government purposes by checking this box □ or, if no copyright asserted in this work and it should be considered in the public domain, please check this box □.

Concerning Promotional Material: If you wish to give Leonardo permission to use your illustrations in promotional materials for the journal, please check off this box D. In the event that one of your illustrations is used for this purpose, you and the artwork will be appropriately credited.

In Conclusion: This Is the entire agreement between you and us, and it may be modified only in writing. It will bind and benefit our respective successors in interest. It will terminate if we do not publish your Article within two years of the date of your signature(s).

I (we) concur in this letter of agreement

Henning Christiansen Denmark DK
print name citizenship

Henning Christiansen 26.6.98
Signature date

‘The Reality is a Ghost in my Mind’
article title vol./issue LMJ- 8 1998

Leonardo/ISAST and MIT Press
hereby acknowledge their Consent
to the terms of the foregoing

Roger P. Malina, Editor, Leonardo

Janet Fisher, Assoc. Director for Journals

[s. 2]

License Agreement Contribution of Audio Art

We look forward to including your audio art ("the Composition") entitled

’The Reality is a Ghost in my Mind'-Cruelty & Terror.


Leonaro Music Journal – “Ghosts and Monsters”

Volume 8 in the Leonardo Music Journal Compact Disc senes

You hereby grant to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the International Society for Arts, Sciences and Technology (ISAST) a non-exclusive, world-wide license to distribute the Composition in Compact Disc format. While the compilation will be copyrighted m ISAST's name as a collective work, you will retain the copyright and all other rights in the Composition You also grant a non-exclusivc right to license performance of the Composition, by means of radio or television, in connection with promoting sales of the Compact Disc. Additionally, you grant a non-exclusive right to collect statutory' license fees accruing with respect to ihe Composition, both under the L'.S. Copyright Act Sections 115, 116 and ITS, and under any other provision of U.S or foreign law. (The sections referred to permit certain uses of copyrighted music without the copyright owner’s express permission, including the publication of sound recordings of it and the broadcast of it on public radio, provided a statutorily defined fee is paid for the use of it.)

MIT and ISAS T will have the right of first refusal on any further production and/or distribution of the Compact Disc. If we do engage in future reprintings, a new license agreement will be negotiated with you at that time. MIT's fbrther production and/or distribution of such repnntings will be contingent on obtaining the approval of all contributors.

You warrant that you are the sole author of the Composition, that you have full unfettered rights in it and that it is an original work that does not infringe any copyright. If this Composition has (m part or in whole) been previously published or contains material copyrighted to a third party, you have enclosed a copy of any necessary permissions ur licenses obtained for your use of any such material. You agree to indemnify us against any claim or action alleging facts that, if Lrue, constitute a breach of this warranty. Your indemnity will cover our losses, legal fees and expenses, as well as any damages, profits or settlement amounts we may pay.

If the foregoing accurately states our understanding, please sign both copies of this letter and return them to us. We will countersign them, making this a binding contract, and return one to you.

Agreed to by:

Henning Christiansen Denmark – DK
print name citizenship

Janet Fisher
Associate Director of Journals Publishing




Cambridge (Mass.)

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