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George Maciunas, "In Memoriam to Adriano Olivetti"



By george maciunas 20-3-62
revised 8-10-62

Any used tape from an Olivetti machine may he used as a score for this piece.

Numbers (including zero) represent specific sounds or actions, each of which is assigned to seperate performer. When performed by fewer than 10 performers, the unassigned excessive numbers represents silence. Same number can also be assigned to more than one performer if the tape contains more than one of the same number per row. In such cases the second or third performer performs only when 2nd. or 3rd. of the same number appear on the row.
Each horisontal row is performed simultaneously at preferably fast tempo such as 2 regular beats per second. A conducter or metronome may direct the group if necessary. Blank row represents silence on one beat.

VERSION 1 (poem)
Each performer pronounces his assigned number in any language.

VERSION 2 (ballet) performers to be formally dressed (expect number 9, in military uniform). Performers perform the following actions assigned to indicated numbers:
0 - lift bowler hat from head when first 0 is indicated, place on head when next 0 is indicated, repeat action for succeeding indications of 0’s.
1 - point with finger at someone in the audience (arm outstreched) whanever one is indicated. Point at different members at the audience for each seperate indications of 1.
2 - point with finger at ceiling or floor
3 - sit down on chair when first 3 is indicated, stand up on next ondications etc.........
4 - squat down whan first 4 is indicated, stand up on next etc....
5 strike floor with cane or umbrella on each indication of 5
6 - open umbrella over head on first indication of 6, close on next etc....
7 - bow down (towards or away from the audience) on first indication of 7, raise on next etc...
8 - stamp floor with foot on each indication of 8.
9 - give military salut with hand on first indication of 9, lower hand on next etc....

VERSION 3 (ballet)
Each performer use different kind of hat. Perform as in VERSION 2 (zero).

[s. 2]

VERSION 4 ( chorale )
0 - smack with lips smartly (sound like drop falling into water) on each indication of 0
1 - smack with tongue (click like opening corcked bottle)
2 - lip-fart (through tight lips)
3 - lip-fart (with tongue between lips)
4 - draw air (upper teeth over lower lips)
5 - draw air, open mouth, vibrate deep throat (pig like sound)
6 - blow air between lips vibrating them
7 - dry spitting
8 - lunger
9 - sniff wet nose ( Wet the nose with water if necessary )




George Maciunas

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