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my krusufiksus I have not writte to my best point for this year-Joseph Beuys, the man on the floor

why? I am so tiered of this fight with eric and addi - it is impossible to work together - - - - - - - -
and the most bad thing is that I do not think that it is why they do not agree what I am doing - -
ofcourse it was the same to me if they did not, but it is a kind of being happy by making intrigant race and I am so tied in that, I can not feel or see the reason.

tell me, what is going on in Düsseldorf, how many happenings and how many wonderful ideas or so... is the whole germany still seek or the young persons intelligent enough to see that it was better that german was a scandinavien country, speaking english and no church - no church please. .

How to get the ears in the art-world again it is my problem, and it will be my problem forever. . do you really see what I mean? to day I know that it is the same which sound I am using. I can take a car-door, I can use a machine-sound (vacuum-cleaner or lawn-mowers) I can use a violin or many musicinstruments they can play noise, they can play a nice third. it is n problem but the form in which to use it: psykological and or architectonical, it is the question for me to see. i hope the tape will enjoy you and yours. .
from eric: composition nr. 1 and then he's version of george brecht 'two durations'
from me: Dialectical Evolution Ib and V
speed: 3 3/4

here in Scandinavien am I trying to tell the young people, that Scandinavien is not importen for the world, we are too isolated because of language, I say: we must speak and write english or another language with a lot of possibility for contact, ofcourse it was good with russian too, but our school has not done enough for this language.

vive la vérité - - - - bah -
what time is it
is it what time
time is it what

I have learned few enough in my life but one thing is quite sure to me: why

see you later



HC taler om "kampen med Eric [Andersen] og Addi [Køpcke]". Den kom til overfladen i 1964, og efter en festival på Charlottenborg med titel "Nye koncert-fænomener, happenings, action music" etc. fra d. 29. august til d. 6. september 1964 optrådte han ikke længere sammen med de to nævnte kunstnere.

Eric Andersen, Arthur Køpcke

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