Henning Christiansen



Henning Christiansen


Version af Dick Higgins' "Danger Music #33"


now -

Tell them that you are Henning Christiansen, and read aloud this chapter and 'invite' the audience to lie down under the grand-piano thinking of you

Move rapidly toward the exit and cry out - this is danger music number 33 by Dick Higgens have a ball-show (and touch your testicles)

the audience under the grand-piano gets up on there feet, and now you must tell them that you are a liar you are not Henning Christiansen and therefore they should not get contact with you by thinking, and that they therefore do not know what you have done

this is not a piece, it is a situation,

[s. 2]

I should like to go to Köln if my mother was living there but she is still running in Copenhagen so I must live in Jenslev without her but but but but but but Eric Andersen is not my song, he is a little too smart and working for a new stiltedness so I want to perform your very hole composition myself and think that I will start with return to front of and do not lie under for teh profression in my three progressive sonatas. I shoul d like to see your mug when I am sitting in a room and explose. I have tried many times but it didn't help anyone....




Danger Music #33 er et stykke af Dick Higgins. Ordene "your very hole composition" på s. 2 antyder, at teksten kan være tænkt som et brev til Higgins, som HC korresponderede om stykket med.

HC arkiv Møn/HC breve 8

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