Henning Christiansen



Henning Christiansen


Kopi af partituret til Eric Andersens "Opera 25"


Opera 25

Divide the audience into flexibel and variable groups and ask the groups to perform groupactions with definated durations. Let the single group perform the single action coincident with the other groups. Let the single group change between several different actions for a long time. It is permitted to let a group and or the groups repeat some of the actions. The actions has to be develloped according to the disposition + the faculty + the milieu + the conception + the composition of the audience. And you have to creat the single action and relationship between the action by a way of creation: Who is Which is coming from nowhere, which is not moving and which is going to nowhere or aw a way of creation which is as close as possible to this paragraph.




Værket er Eric Andersens, håndskriften HCs

HC arkiv Møn/HC breve 8

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