Henning Christiansen



Nam June Paik


Invitation til NJP om at afholde koncerter for DUT og Fylkingen


Mr. Nam June Paik,

As you maybe know it is impossible to have the performance with you and Charlotte Moorman in May in Stockholm, But we are very interested in getting you and Charlotte M. to Copenhagen in september or october.
We have a theater (a small one, 115 seats) in the middle of the town and we can get it the 5. and the 6. september. it is our plan that you and Charlotte Moorman should do the cello program saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock and a quite new program sunday night at 8 o'clock, but at first we want to know if you can go to Stockholm on that time too.

We are now trying to arrange and combine this with Stockholm and as soon as we know something more we will inform you. Of course we want to know if it is possible for you and Charlotte Moorman to come here in september or october. Please send us a letter about it.



Brevet er en kladde til et brev i Det unge tonekunstnerselskabs arkiver på Det kongelige bibliotek (DUT, kasse 45), der er dateret d. 14. april 1965.

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