Henning Christiansen



Tomas Schmit


Værker på tape/Dansk Fluxus/Kantate for Kunstfonden/publikationer/Bazon Brocks adresse



Tomas -

I have changed my environment to the middle of Copenhagen, our new address is

MØNTERGADE 8-4 Copenhagen K

Point II, I have got that plan that I will do your: INSTEAD OF, a radiocomposition, march 64, for tape.
I have now very good possibilities in getting tape, very cheap, and it is my plan to get hold of a lot of tape-possibilities and distribute it, I think Dick can do something for that, you can, mr. Sohm and many other people.

As you know I do not work with Addi and Eric and/or they do not work with me.
I like Addi very much, he has done a lot of good thing, but he's last malerei was too delicat for me, though he's REBUS-idea isn't bad. I am tired of Eric. He is making Darmstadt out of Fluxus. I am tired of he's philosophical pretty shit, it should be on the zen background but is for old senil people and I am for the Dick - line. I do not think that the social fight is over, it has just started now and for me fluxus is the opposite of the classical institutions.

point IV
We have just had a 6 days happening in the Nikolaj church, the left aisle, I was working with some painters and maybe it was not a good one, but it was there, maybe it is enough, I made my 'I am number one - I am number two - etc.' for two hours I got the number 1214 and it was done.

Send me Johnson's Paper Snake -

next point - I will send you the tape as soon as. I have a man who will do the technical work.

over point: do you have the adress on Bazon Brock - send

best regards to your mother

from Henning




HC Arkiv Møn/HC breve 8