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Perpetual Fluxfest/Fluxus 2



A perpetual Fluxus Festival is being planned at the Cinematheque Theatre in New York. One evening each week would be devoted to the work of a particular person. If you are interested, please prepare a program of the work you would like to perform or have us perform and mail it to the address below not later than April 15, 1965. All production expenses will be borne by the composer and 80% of all income from the sale of tickets will be given to him. Composers from overseas will not have to finance production, provided no large expenses are involved.
Note: the theatre has no piano, no stage, no curtain.


We are also planning a second yearbox -- Fluxus 2 -- which will be limited to book events only, i.e. events that are enacted by the reader automatically as he inspects the book or box. This does not include instructions for theatre pieces, poetry, or music scores or events requiring more than one performer. It may include flip books, solo games or puzzles made of paper or other materials. Fluxus 1 items of the type that may be included are:

1. Ben Vautier -- "turn the page"
2. Bob Watts -- hospital events
3. George Brecht -- five places
4. Ay-O--finger envelope
5. the magic boat
6. Shigeko Kubota--dinner napkin
7. Alison Knowles--glove
8. Chieko Shiomi--endless envelope
9. Ben Patterson--questionnaire
Fluxus 2 will be financed collectively as follows:
1. Each contributor will prepare 100 copies of his event (which may be flat or 3-dimensional) and ship them to the address below not later than June 1, 1965.
2. All flip books will be printed very economically by Fluxus and will be charged to contributors, unless they wish to print themselves.
3. Fluxus will assemble all contributions into an 8 x 8 x 2 inch box (8 x 8 inch side to open).
4. Fluxus will distribute 4 free boxes to each contributor.

Send all materials to: FLUXUS
P.O. Box 180
New York, N.Y. 10013



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