Henning Christiansen



Richard Demarco


Edinburgh/lydbånd/Holyrood Park



Dear Richard!
It was very nice to see you - full of life - in Stockholm and to hear you. It was a very good exhibition over there too, just like yours in Edinburgh. About the tape I promised you to send then I must tell you that I have some difficulties because I have only one recorder here, therefor I can’t do a copy just now, but it will be done as soon as…. I hope to rent a taperecorder in Copenhagen soon and then I will make it — sure I will.
I forgot to tell you that of course you can publish the Holy-Rood Park piece (All 3 pages) if you want it and can see a possibility.
I should like to go back to Edinburgh when you are calling. I am sure that we can do some good things there once again. College of art was a very good place and I am sure that it is changed and wenn not enough then we must change it once more…. and then again… once more.

best regards to all friends, many good people around you.

yours sincerly




HC arkiv Møn/HC breve 7