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Invitation til at deltage i udstillingen "Liberation", Saigon Open City, 2006.


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Von: Gridthiya Gaweewong
Gesendet: Dienstag, 24. Oktober 2006 14:34:41
An: "thorbjorn" Christiansen
cc. rirkrit tiravanija, quynh anh2, quynh anh
Betreff: RE: urgent from bkk / Saigon!


Thanks so much Thorbjorn, Ursula and Hennig! We really appreciated your kind co-operation. We will ask Quynh Anh, our assistant to send you invitation letter and loan form via email asap.

Materials pls. send to our assistant at this address.

Quynh Anh
Saigon Open City
3A Thon Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel. + 84 9 312 9337
Fax.+ 84 8 910 3277
look forward to see the package !

all the best,


thorbjorn Christiansen wrote:

Dear Jeab and Rirkrit

Thank you for the invitation to join your project Saigon Open City.
We will send you material and you are free to use the material.

all the best
Thorbjørn Reuter Christiansen

From: Gridthiya Gaweewong
CC: bjornstjerne christiansen, rirkrit tiravanija

Subject: urgent from bkk / saigon ! Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 20:32:22 -0700

Dear Hennig, Ursula and Thorbjorn,
Greetings from Bangkok, and hope this mail finds you well.

I am writing to you regarding the an upcoming project, Saigon Open City
which Rirkrit and I served as a co-artistic director. It will be opened in
Ho Chi Minh City next month, 26th November 2006. We would like to focus on
Vietnamese artists created since the 1940s till present, and juxtapose the
with regional and international art context.

We are interested in including your early works, performances with
Joseph Beuys, and colleges in Fluxus movement in the sixties and seventies.

based on the information in the catalogue of your Venice biennale, i
would like to know if you stil have some video or still documentation of
http://by 105fd.bay 105 11225D84-73DA-47C... 24-10-2006

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these following pieces :

  1. Celtic, 1970, academy of art, edinburg

  2. ich versuche dlch freizulassen ... (machen), 1969, academie der
    kunste, berlin, (org. Rene Block)

  3. Collaboration between Ursula and Hennig with Piano on the stage.

we would also like to show two sound pcs, attached in the catalogue :
4. stone song klang
5. lowland trilogy (1990).

Is it possible to reproduce some picture from the catalogue for the
salon exhibition ?

Pls. accept our apology for contacting you in a short notice. Pls. also
let us know if you are interested participate in the show. We will ask the
office to send an official letter to you directly.

Due to a highly bureaucratic system in Vietnam, we need your CV, concept
and the first page of your passport in order to apply a licence to show the
works. We all have to these with participating artists including the dead

look forward to hear from you soon. If you have further questions, pls.
email to me or call my mobile phone at +6689416507.

with warmest regards,

jeab and rirkrit

gridthiya jeab gaweewong
88/77 Vipavadee Suite, Ladprao 8 Rd.,
Jatujak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand
Tel/Fax.+ 662 9384935

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<< oct2306flnalproposal.pdf >>
gridthiya jeab gaweewong 24-10-2006

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88/77 Vipavadee Suite, Ladprao 8 Rd.,
Jatujak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand
Tel/Fax. + 662 9384935

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Celtic, Ich versuche dich freizulassen (machen), collaboration between Ursula and Henning with piano on stage, Stone Song Klang, Lowland Trilogy.




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