Henning Christiansen



Wolf Vostell


Invitation til WV til at afholde en happening i Danmark/privat/Stars and Stripes Forever (Den Frie, d. 25. juni 1965)


dear wolf - I am trying to get you and your world in a small experimental theater in the center of the town, there are 90 seats and full house every night. They accept to get Paik there in september, but I could not get hold of more money then 500 $ from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Århus (DUT-Fylkningen and Århus students) therefore I have dropped the Paik project until January 66 (sorry for that). But I am fighting for you and it is my plan to get you here in october or november 65. I saw 'teater heute' a few days ago, very good my dear. It seems to me that you are through. and it seems to me that it will be more easy to get money for you here now because of that (TH. HEU.). I will go to Paris in a few day 17/7-1/8 together with a young danish konkret poet: Hans-Jørgen Nielsen, he like Gombringer very much, and he is very flexible. I think he will go with me to Berlin in september. On our way back from Paris we will me

[s. 2]

visit you and Mercedes + Santiago - - - if you are at home?

I do hope your Berlin-Block festival is going on normally (like summer and winter) i also hope you will get a good baby in august, lisa lost or dropped her little in may and we were sad and I do not think we will try again, it is number two losted and it is too hard fo her.
We have had a good happening here on 'Den Frie' we worked on the title "STARS AND STRIPES FOR EVER' evrything was stripes and we made a reversed streaptease on Jaqueline Kennedy,t rying to get the myte away and show 'how to make an american' we worked for an hour in a provoking noisy sound - music in stripes, but we will tell you the story in cologne.........

best regards and - . - . . - - . . . - - -




HC taler om at invitere Wolf Vostell over til Danmark i oktober eller november 1965 og nævner et besøg til Paris "in a few day" fra d. 17. juli.

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