Henning Christiansen



Pavla Kotikova


Tak for optræden med Musica Viva Pragensis/glemte ejendele/adresser/Psychological Constructions


Jenslev d. 14/1-65

My dear Mm. Kotikova.

Thanks for every moment here in Copenhagen, it was a very good concert and I have got a “good” tape with the MUSICA VIVA pragensis ensemble for the radio.
I do hope you have got your metronom-watch now, I have found it between many other electric apparatus in the radio-cellar and it was send from Copenhagen monday before Cristmas. Another problem: Arnost Wilde had forgotten he’s timpany-stick and I can’t find it at all, I think that charwoman have thrown it out as an uninteresting stupid thing, wondering what such was for. A new problem: I have lost all the adresses that I got on the hotel: and I hope you will send me the adresses for Petr (Wien) Komorous and Wilde.
Mm. Poulsen told me that you have not gotten the critrics from our newspapers. Sorry. I have arranged that the DUT-secretair should send you all of that, but she has not. So I hope it will work now.
As you know, I am living in the country and it is 50 km. from Copenhagen, but I have got a flat in the centrum of Copenhagen now, and will be there the first of march. It is this adress: Møntergade 6, København K. It is the same house as DUT from 1. february 65.
I hope I can do much more for DUT when I am near by. I have heared that you have got a good job in Sweden with your people, Sweden is the best land in europa for new art to day, lot’s of mony, lot’s of ideals.
I send with this letter, my psychological constructions for chamberensemble - I can’t get it through here in Copenhagen, I think that it is why musicians can see that they are too simple, too uncomplicated, but I have made a lot of very complicated and coloufsound, espressive – predeterminated aleatoric- seriel and unseriel- music and now I am interested in forms, the audience must look at the music very objective, clear, nothing obscure, it is form-construction, it is to watch like in romans of Robbe Grillet
Maybe Musica Viva pragensis will understand?
I send my 3 Beckett songs with. Maybe the songs is ironical I am not for Beckett he is making week feelings to strong theater but I am for 'hybris’. The singer has to be really a man, not a pretty singing youth.

best regards to all I know
and thanks for every moment

Henning Christiansen
Jenslev pr. Kirke-Hyllinge (to 26/2-65)



HC takker for Musica Viva Pragensis' koncert på Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek d. 13. december 1965. Koncerten havde titlen "Ny tjekkisk musik" og blev organiseret af DUT.


Henning Christiansen
Jenslev pr. Kirke-Hyllinge

Op. 14, 3 Beckett-sange

HC arkiv Møn/HC breve 8